Match 3D Tips, Game info & more

Developed by Loop Games, Match 3D is a game that can be enjoyed by all, especially those that are looking for a challenging new game. The focus of Match 3D is to create pairs from an array of items such as foods, outdoor items, and home objects, with the player earning points if they successfully match all items into pairs.

Match 3D Game Rules

Like most games, Match 3D has rules – and here are some of the basic rules players need to know:

  • To progress to the next level, the player needs to match all pairs within the allocated time.
  • Objects need to be placed at the bottom centre of the screen
  • You earn ‘Stars’ each time you match an object
  • Additional ‘Stars’ are earned if you complete the level before the allocated time

Match 3D Tips to help you win

Now that you know the basics of the game. Why not use some of the following tips and tactics to help you level up quicker.

Move Objects: We initially started by placing an object on the grid, and then looked for its pair. DO NOT DO THIS. This method is time-consuming. That said, the best solution we found to get a matching pair was to move the objects fast around the screen with our finger, this helped us identify pairs easier.  

Look for objects that stand out: We found that the bigger and more colorful objects such as a shopping cart, igloos, and drums stood out compared to the other objects, so concentrate on them first.

Earn extra stars: We found that each level you complete, an ad is played. If you watch the ad, you can triple your stars earned. 


Overall we think this a great little game for everyone! Playing Match 3D gets your brain thinking, it seems like it could help improve problem-solving skills, help with improving concentration, and even with developing your patience. If you love these types of games, or even if this genre is something you haven’t tried before, then why not give it a go? 

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