Your Body is all the Fitness Equipment You Need

"home gym example"

Traditionally, the fitness industry has preached going to the gym as a way to get in shape. Typically, there is how it goes. There is a big promotion during the holiday season getting people excited about new year resolutions and getting ready to make fitness goals for the new year. But all this revolves around signing up for a gym membership and committing to going to workout at the gym, either on your own or with a personal trainer. That’s what we are all used to. Many people have tried to get around this by workout at home, but that also revolves around buying expensive equipment, usually set up in a basement. But that too is a losing proposition. Because what happens is that we spend all this money on gym equipment for the house – treadmills, weights, medicine balls, total gym equipments and more. But then soon enough, all that equipment becomes places to dry laundry and air out cloths. What if there is a better way?

According to a recent article by Reuters, all you need to get a good workout is actually your own body. Most of the intense workouts that you can do require your own body weight, like squats, pushups, burpees, sit ups, crunches and more can all be done right in your living room or basement without any fitness equipment and you will get a great workout. That is the principle behind new workout programs like Insanity and Focus T25, which emphasizes intense at home workouts that have yielded impressive results.


Getting fit, the INSANE way



The INSANITY workout program is one of the most intense workouts you will ever attempt in your life. When I say “attempt” I mean it. 95% of people do not complete the course. Maybe it is because of the strict diet program, but might be because the workouts are absolutely killer. Most people have issues completing the fit test. When I tried, I ran into the same problems.

So does Insanity work?

The new program, released by BeachBody in 2012 took the world by storm. People jumped on board and some got amazing results. But for most people it was just to intense. So when trying to answer the question on whether or not insanity works, the answer is both yes and no.

Of course it works. But why? We’ll if you literally jump around in a circle for 60 minutes a day, over and over again, you are going to sweat and you’re going to sweat a lot. Do anything for 60 minutes a day for 60 days and you will see amazing results, not just this program.

Then there is the diet plan. Another shocker to most people. IF you want the best results, you need to take the diet plan seriously. Again, change everything about the way you eat and you will see your self losing weight. It’s just that simply. Truthfully I would say that no, it doesn’t work. The requirements for success are just to strict for the normal person to complete, and this is where most people run into issues. I would stay with something a little less crazy.